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Hello, my name is Kieran Prior, a 38-year-old, whose hometown is called Irlam, a village close to Manchester in the UK. I am the product of someone who has lived with a severe disability since my very first conscious thought. Being totally confined to a powered wheelchair gives me a physically different perspective on the world. I was born with a rare neurological condition known as Secondary Non-Genetic Dystonia, which basically means I can’t move a single muscle without the other muscles in my body wanting to move at the same time. This makes even the most basic motor skills very difficult.


Despite this, I believe I live as normal a life as I can. I have an amazing wife whom I adore.


But let’s not stop there, let’s take a peek behind the magic curtain…




I attended the University of Manchester and obtained my bachelor’s degree in economics 2:1. While at the University of Manchester, it was discovered, tested, and then retested, to find that I scored very high on IQ tests. In fact, my IQ score of 238 is seemingly one of the highest ever recorded.




I then went on to join the world’s premier investment bank, becoming its first disabled proprietary trader in its illustrious history. In fact, Goldman Sachs where I stayed for 12 years, was simply the best education anyone could ever wish for in business.




Currently, I reside in San Francisco at the heart of Silicon Valley. For the past two years I have been working alongside some of the most incredible minds on the planet. Now being an entrepreneur is not easy. Luckily I have one of the most amazing networks of people in the world that range from long-standing friends, intellectual dignitaries, and established billionaires. All of whom I draw wisdom from and hope I can make myself a better person by listening to their advice.




My blog, “Trading Places” is all about perspective. People who read it may not and often will not be in agreement. And that does not matter, as everybody is entitled to their own perspective. What does matter, however, is that the right questions are asked. It is my attempt to stimulate discussion and give answers to the some of the toughest questions and hopefully get some insights along the way. I hope you’re enjoying reading my posts.


Best Regards,





Being Kieran Prior” – Institutional Investor – May 2009


“Kieran Prior , The Whiz Kid, Challenges Goldman Sachs” – Institutional Investor – October 2009


‘Religion and the City go hand in hand’ – Kieran Prior, a Goldman Sachs veteran with an astronomical IQ is dedicating himself to charitable work – Catholic Herald – August 2010


“Kieran Prior: my £400K investment in Rangers is just the start” – Herald Scotland – June 2013


New Rangers investor Kieran Prior buys 785,000 shares in the club and demands answers for the fans – Daily Record – Jan 2015

Hi I'm Kieran
I'm a proud husband, football fan and Dog Dad to @finchy_the_frenchie
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