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The “Long Goodbye” and My Determined Fight to Achieve the Unbelievable
August 21, 2016|Life

The “Long Goodbye” and My Determined Fight to Achieve the Unbelievable

The “Long Goodbye” and My Determined Fight to Achieve the Unbelievable

This is an unusual posting for my reader base. It will be short and very personal in content. I apologize if the frank content offends anyone. However, I can assure you, everything I say is hard but true. While some of you may find this difficult, I can only hope that my intentions of opening my readers’ views to allow them to become better informed and have a wider perspective in visiting my blog.


Yesterday, after speaking with my father in the morning, I found out my last paternal Aunt has fallen into a palliative state as a result of her longtime struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.


Discovered in 1906 by Alois Alzheimer, a renowned German neurologist, there are now said to be 48 million sufferers of the disease worldwide. The disease causes the onset of dementia, and in turn, causes body functions to breakdown and eventually the essential organs to fail to work.  It was christened “The Long Goodbye” because the actual onset of dementia can be unpredictable, sometimes lasting decades or even just a few months. The nature of the word goodbye relates to those loved ones to see the person eventually become nothing more than a shadow of their former selves.  This truly is the devastating disease that needs all the help it can receive.


However, fundraising is not the reason why I introduced this concept and hard topic into my blog. Whilst I do wish to garner awareness for our silent causes, I also want to speak about something closer to home.


I have a condition called secondary non-genetic dystonia. Let’s face it, that not many people have heard about.  Without getting too technical, it basically means I cannot control any fine motor skills. This problem with the disease or condition is made worse by many factors including tiredness, stress, or alcohol.


Since birth, I have never been able to fend for myself. Not one day has passed where I have dressed myself, showered myself, or brushed my own teeth. This might sound harsh to some, but without a loving wife, incredible parents, and a variety of electronic wheelchairs, I would, in fact, be an innate member of society. I hear those people who love me thinking, “you can’t say that?” and whilst I understand the emotional defensiveness of those people around me, what I said is exactly true.


There is one factor that is different in my case. I am as stubborn as a mule, as ambitious as Bill Gates and as intelligent as Albert Einstein (according to my US customs visa anyway).


From the age of 13, I have known what I wanted to do, how wanted to do it, and where I wanted to be. I became the only disabled trader in Goldman Sachs history, which is undoubtedly the world’s premier investment bank. Was it hard? You’re damn right it was hard and there were days where I wanted to give up and go home. These days are the hardest because we are acutely aware that ultimately, we have taken a gamble. This gamble is on whether you believe in yourself, no one else, just yourself. But with every bet there is always a downside, in my case, it was leaving friends and family behind to go and fulfill my dream.


I cannot say I have any regrets. It has been incredibly painful and incredibly arduous along the way. And that’s before people get in your way because there will always be those who are bigoted and small minded and just want to put people down. This is why I admire what Peter Thiel has done recently to Gawker, which to me, seemed like nothing but the harbor of doom. As far as I’m concerned, they got what they deserved.


Life can be extremely fragile, both mentally and physically. When conditions such as Alzheimer’s exist, and are more prevalent than ever, I urge people to realize that life gives you a gift, and it is your job to not waste it. I encourage anyone to push themselves outside of their own comfort zone…just give it a try.


Carpe diem


Kieran Prior

My blog “Trading Places” is all about perspective. People who read it may not and often will not be in agreement. And that does not matter, as everybody is entitled to their own perspective. What does matter, however, is that the right questions are asked.

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  • Clair UK
    August 21, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    Life is a gift and thank you for the generosity in sharing and my sympathies regarding your Aunt. Alzheimer’s is indeed a “Long Goodbye”.

    Thank you for the reminder about living life, which includes moving out of our comfort zones, and embracing life.

    Your determination is awe inspiring, as is your humility around your reliance and interdependence with others.

  • August 22, 2016 at 10:33 am

    Brilliant post Kieran. Hope you are well. Eve (nee Boardman)

  • wally cracknell
    August 22, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    Hello Kieran, thank you for your most informative story of your history. One thing that you must remember is that you are an inspiration to many. Not only to the disabled but to all that have come to know you. you certainly have inspired me.- after having a mild stroke and bye-pass – then it became a reality that I could not continue to be actively at work, Needless to say that, initially, I was bogged down with the feeling of uselessness and self pity. I thank the God of my understanding that I have come to terms with my self pity thinking that I was on my way to dementia on the alzheimers express But most importantly having met you in person when I was most fortunate to have travelled to Palo Alto. You have shown me that my minor set back can be overcome by simply concentrating on the positive. A positive attitude that I saw and felt when I met you. For this I am extremely grateful. Thank you for being who you are,Yes you are a legend!
    May peace and serenity be with you always.
    Best regards, Wally

  • Bridget Geist
    August 24, 2016 at 5:48 pm

    Thank your for this: “… I urge people to realize that life gives you a gift, and it is your job to not waste it. I encourage anyone to push themselves outside of their own comfort zone…just give it a try.”

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